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Title Year Status Language Summary
Asteroid Belt 1988 Finished BASIC Fly your ship across the screen, avoiding obstacles
Axis 1989 BASIC Navigate an isometric screen with objects to collect, and pits to jump over or go around.
Axis 2 1989 Unfinished BASIC Sequel to Axis, slide around an isometric grid without falling off
Bombsplash 1988 Finished BASIC Kind of a reverse-Kaboom! Splash water up at bombs before time runs out.
Boom! 1990 BASIC Kaboom! Clone
Chicken 1989 Finished BASIC A Frogger / Freeway style game
Crown Quest 1987 Finished BASIC Clone of Dragonfire for the Atari 2600
Donuts 1988 Finished, but barely playable BASIC Collect the white donuts, avoid the black ones
Dropper 1989 Finished BASIC Catch falling happy faces
Elevator 1989 Finished BASIC Run back and forth across floors, avoiding being hit by elevators.
Fire Copter 1989 Unfinished BASIC Save people from a burning highrise, and put out the fire.
Forest Escape 1988 Unfinished BASIC
Garbage 1990 Finished BASIC Port of Timex Sinclair 1000 type-in game “Garbage”
Ghost Chase 1989 Unfinished BASIC Run around a graveyard avoiding a ghost until you have a heart attack
Graveyard 1988 BASIC Run through the graveyard, and avoid the ghost
Hit It 1989 Finished BASIC A whack-a-mole clone
Hopper 1989 Finished BASIC Jump on platforms, collect bags of money, don't fall, avoid the bad guy.
Lander 1989? Finished BASIC Lunar Lander clone
Light Cycles 1989 Finished BASIC Light cycle game
Oil Hunt 1989 Unfinished BASIC Similar to Aardvark, dig around underground collecting dots of, uh, oil.
Plane 1989 Finished BASIC A side-view game where you fly a plane in loop-the-loops to collect... well, squares.
Platforms 1989 Finished BASIC Jump to the top
Pond Frog 1989 Unfinished BASIC Frog catching flies
Snake 1989 Finished BASIC Another snake game; collect the dots, and grow in length
Snakeline 1988 Finished BASIC My first successful “snake game” algorithm!
Star Wars 1989 Unfinished BASIC Missile defense game
Superflex 1988 Finished BASIC Fly over a planet and collect objects; avoid fiery pits.
Tank 198x BASIC Combat-style game
Tanks 1990 Finished BASIC Combat-style game
Telemelec 1988 Unfinished BASIC Inspired after seeing Gauntlet for the first time, this is a horrible attempt at a clone.
Zeus 1989 Finished BASIC Catch Zeus' lightning bolts with your staff; don't let them hit you, or the ground.

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