March 2001

30.March.2001 - I've been working on a new game for the Agenda PDA: Aliens.

In an odd and ironic twist, it seems that a similar game that I developed for Linux is being included with a completely different Linux-based PDA, the Yopy! Wow!

22.March.2001 - I've released my first application for the Agenda VR3 PDA! Mirror! ;^)

22.March.2001 - I posted some news on my Indrema fan site and it got mentioned on Slashdot!

19.March.2001 - I did a talk at my local Linux Users Group and demonstrated my AgendaVR3 PDA! Notes, photos and my handout are available here.

14.March.2001 - The bottom of this Wired.com article (about "Tux" the Linux mascot) has a link to the Linux Weekly News Penguin Gallery. The very first image on that page is the "tomato Tux" logo I created for the Sacramento Linux Users Group!

13.March.2001 - I'm quoted in an article on Wired.com about the Indrema game system.

12.March.2001 - I received my Linux-based Agenda VR3d PDA today! I'll be demo'ing it at the next meeting of the Linux Users Group of Davis.

5.March.2001 - I taught an introductory class on Linux in conjunction with a local non-profit.

1.March.2001 - I'm famous! The Davis, California public access channel broadcast a show I helped host about the Linux Users Group I'm part of.

I'm also mentioned on a local newspaper's Entertainment website!

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