May 2002

22.May.2002 - The Linux-for-the-Office class that I helped teach with other members from LUGOD went well. In fact, I've been invited to come talk about The Gimp at a web development user group in July!

22.May.2002 - Check off one on the to-do list below (kinda). Entombed! is well on its way to being finished!

20.May.2002 - I love the names I get called at LinuxGames.com. :^)

18.May.2002 - To do:

15.May.2002 - I've finished redesigning NewBreedSoftware.com!

15.May.2002 - I got my lucky 17th story accepted at Slashdot! This one is about a 10-in-1 Atari 2600 game console... a new one, coming to a TV near you!

12.May.2002 - Friday and Saturday I helped staff the local Linux Users' Group's booth at the Whole Earth Festival (I also helped get us there). Photos from Friday are online!

6.May.2002 - I just noticed this article at LinuxGames.com, where I appear to have become a measure of "prolificness." ;^)

5.May.2002 - I had a fun birthday. Got my oil changed, bought some new shoes, and went out to dinner with some friends, and came home to eat a yummy cake Melissa baked. Today (the day after), Melissa and I went to Novato and had dinner at the fancy Hilltop restaurant with my dad, and the dozen other family members he had invited!

1.May.2002 - I'm going to be on KDVS radio (90.3FM in Davis, CA) for a few minutes today at around 5:30pm, plugging LUGOD's upcoming meeting on FlightGear on Dr. Andy's Poetry & Technology Hour show!

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