June 2002

June 30 - I released a new version of Tux Paint, and also discovered the earlier releases got a good review at this Spanish website about Linux!

June 25 - I just returned from a week-long road trip to visit Melissa's parents in Seattle (about 1800 miles there and back). In that time, I had no access to e-mail. I've collected over 1200 new messages, over 400 of which were automagically tagged as spam. YUCK!

June 19 - I've been noticing something I'd have never expected. My old, vector-driven, X-Window-based 3D Pong game which I wrote over 4 years ago, is one of the most popular things on my software site... I suppose it's time for a new version!

June 18 - Tux Paint is now available for Windows. (I haven't tested it yet, but hopefully it should work...)

June 18 - I posed a question to Slashdot about art in GPL software. They accepted. Please join the conversation!

June 16 - Last night at about 3:30am I released an alpha version of a program I had been working on the previous two afternoons: Tux Paint, a simple and fun drawing program for little kids. Happy Father's Day! ;^)

June 11 - Virtual me got reviewed at GamesForLinux.de. :^)

June 5 - At the request of members of LUGOD, I've donated my collection of Microsoft news to their site. I spruced it up quite a bit, too. Check it out!

June 4 - Feh - Just because I made a virtual version of myself, I'm somehow now an evil genius extraordinaire. I should make a virtual Wil Wheaton. Now that would be evil... err.. I mean genius!

June 3 - When someone suggests something as silly as porting myself to a PDA, is it that bizarre that I actually do it???

June 2 - You can now get a New Breed Software Golf Shirt!

June 2 - I've also updated my resume, since it was getting crufty.

June 2 - Finally, two years later, I change my photo on my website. Ironically, the photo is from over two years ago. (Artsy/techno. photo I took of myself in front of a TV. I GIMPed it this evening to look like it's on a TV, and threw it up here.)

June 1 - Looks to be a busy month for me. Visiting Washington state in mid-June. Preparing for, and doing, a demonstration of the Zaurus PDA for the Davis PC Users Group, and preparing for a demonstration of The GIMP graphics tool at July's Web_SIG group in Sacramento.

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