November 2002

November 25 - The presentation I did on Tux Paint for RoseLUG is now online.

November 24 - I noticed Tux Paint was reviewed in an issue of Linux Magazine in Japan, and on ThaiLinuxCafe.com. Update: The review from Linux Magazine is now online.

November 22 - I'm going to be on real radio next Tuesday, assuming I get the day off to travel to c|net in San Francisco.

November 16 - Tux Paint is available for Mac OS X! (It's not ready for prime-time just yet, but it's looking good!)

November 14 - An OGG file of my interview from this Monday is available. Be warned! It's a 17MB download! (I'll have the text of the interview available soon.)

November 8 - I'm scheduled to be interviewed by 'Ogg Jay Barbicane' (Justin Zeigler) on WOPN - freenode internet radio this Monday!

November 8 - I'm going to be demonstrating Tux Paint at this month's Roseville Linux Users Group meeting (November 25th).

November 7 - I think I'm being made fun of. I'm quite amused, though. ;^)

November 6 - I called into Dr. Andy's Poetry & Technology Hour radio show in Davis, to set him straight about some upcoming Linux User Group events. :^)

November 4 - My game Aliens has been cloned for the Sharp Zaurus PDA!

November 1 - Photos of our wedding are online!

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