December 2002

December 29 - I'll be doing yet another demo of Tux Paint - this time at the January 15th meeting of the Sacramento PC Users Group. (The day after my demo at North Bay LUG!)

December 17 - I'm an uncle (again)! My brother Dean and his wife Debby had a 8lb 4oz, 21.5" long baby boy this morning at 8am.

Update: He has a name! Eliott Joseph Kendrick.

December 16 - I wrote a brief little tutorial on masking using a skyline in The Gimp in response to someone's question on Usenet.

December 14 - LUGOD will be attending the first PC Super Show computer expo & marketplace in Sacramento.

December 3 - I've been elected as President ("root") of LUGOD!

December 2 - My educational game Tux, of Math Command will apparently be in the latest software update for the "721," a DishNetwork Personal Video Recorder (PVR; think 'TiVo')! I've been told you can even play the game while watching TV! Updated: Check out the photos!

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