January 2003

January 31 - Whee! I mentioned on Slashdot that Nolan Bushnell, father of video games, is turning 60, and it got posted. I love being a contributing netizen...

January 30 - The latest release of Tux Paint is now in Japanese! It's already been build for Windows, Mac OS X, and Slackware Linux!

January 20 - Photos of LUGOD's huge party meeting are online! Nearly 90 people came!

January 17 - I plugged LUGOD's anniversary meeting on CNET Radio this morning. Maybe we'll get more folks from Silicon Valley thanks to it.

January 16 - My Tux Paint demos at the North Bay Linux Users Group and Sacramento PC Users Group went very well! The thing that gets the most laughs is the eraser tool, since it's got such a funny sound effect. :^)

January 14 - The other day I came home to find my kitchen covered in green specks. I discovered Malcolm had found the catnip, ripped it open, and then somehow spread it all over the kitchen floor. After dying of laughter and telling Melissa what happened, I came back to see him enjoying it.

January 13 - Tux Paint has been translated to Romanian, Polish and Greek!

January 13 - I found a very nice review of Tux Paint over at a site called TUX&GNU@school.

January 12 - I'll be helping staff the Linux Users' Group of Davis table at the PC Super Show expo in Sacramento today!

January 6 - Tux Paint has been translated to Chinese!

January 3 - The Reasons to Avoid Microsoft collection that I maintain on LUGOD's website was mentioned in Eric Raymond's Halloween 8 memo, which was Slashdotted! The site's taking a little bit of a beating right now, but it's still up and running. :^) The /. Effect

January 2 - Thanks to a lame corporate website that no longer supports Netscape 4, I have now finally converted to Mozilla. It's not as bloated or slow as I had feared. I'm still sticking to Konqueror at home, though. ;^)

January 1 - Ok, now I'm doing three Tux Paint demos in January! I'll be at the Davis Mac Users Group on the 9th!

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