January 2004

January 30 - Tux Paint was mentioned in yesterday's issue of The Internet Tutor e-mail newsletter! It was the issue's "software spotlight!"

January 21 - Super Tux has been reviewed by a reader over at LinuxGames.com. Glad to see some press, now that we're working on updating it, finally.

January 19 - LUGOD, the Linux Users' Group of Davis, celebrated our 5-year anniversary tonight! Over 40 of us crowded into a chinese restaurant to celebrate. Check out the photos.

January 18 - Just in time for my upcoming Zaurus demo at PenLUG, I found an app that breathed some new file (actually, lots of free memory) into my 2-year old pre-release model SL-5000D Zaurus: KTrove!

January 16 - After 3.5 years of using an old Deskjet 550C driver on my 882C, I finally discovered that, since then, HP has actually been working on an Open Source driver for their printers. So, I upgraded the drivers, and the results are way better, now! See for yourself!

January 13 - My new job provides a laptop and allows me to work from home. Typically, I work at a new little coffee shop near where I live, since they have free wireless Internet access.

I noticed people kept coming in asking if they had a computer that customers could use (e.g., folks who don't have a laptop), so I finally decided to ask around my Linux user group to see if anyone would be willing to donate some hardware. My request was answered in 5 minutes! Within a week, I had a computer set up! Check out some photos.

January 3 - The article on OpenOffice.org that I wrote for California Computer News magazine got published in this month's issue! You can also read it online!

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