July 2004

July 30 - Wow - one of the new phones we got here at work is 150MHz and has about 40MB of file storage. The games I've written so far fly on this thing, and I can't wait to start targetting some new fast-action games to this phone when we're done with our current project!

July 29 - The STC event didn't happen, unfortunately. But LUGOD will be at LinuxWorld Expo next week, and of course, we're helping put on Picn*x13 next weekend.

July 15 - Last night I submitted Picn*x13, a family picnic in Sunnyvale, Calif. to celebrate Linux's birthday, to a bunch of sites. Word's already getting out! It's already up at LinuxToday, Linux Weekly News, LinEvents, LinuxOrbit, LinuxDevices and LinuxQuestions.org. (And NewsForge!)

July 7 - I just discovered that Tux Paint will be demonstrated in its own session at the Midwest Internet Institute 'Internet Power: Improving K-12 Education' conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, later this month! "Installation, tutorial, and classroom uses will be covered." Cool!

July 5 - LUGOD will have a booth at a large regional conference for 'technical communicators' later this month. We've got a booth, some volunteers, and even a cool-sounding presentation being done by the producer of a documentary on Open Source software! I just put together a disc of 135MB of Open Source software for Windows that might be of interested to technical writers. (Now to find people to burn it!)

July 2 - I took a bunch of photos of my new apartment in Mountain View, California. (Mostly because it's an odd shape, and was hard for people to visualize when I explained it.)

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