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Photos from Picn*x-11

Linux 11th Anniversary Picnic and Barbecue

August 17, 2002, Sunnyvale, CA

Picn*x 11, August 17, 2002
These photos were taken with my Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D PDA, using it's digital-camera add-on card!

Doug Barbieri, another member of LUGOD who travelled to Picn*x from Davis.

Doug's wife Tracia, daughter Ashlyn, and youngest, Kian.

Jeff Newmiller, another Davis traveller, with his ever-present juggling balls.

The picnic area!

More Davis folks! Christine Scobee and Mike Simons.

There's Rick Moen (center)!

People lining up for food. Hey, an OpenOffice.org shirt!

Yes, there WAS an Installfest at this event!

Greg Reolofs, from the PNG and Mozilla projects!

Uhh... there were pretzels. (I guess I was demonstrating the camera.)

And, err... a garbage can and someone's truck.

And some random people...

Some random youngster hackers!

Some of whom were showing off an incredible graphics demo (including stretchy pictures, 3D shapes, and cool music)... written in AAlib and displayed as ASCII text!!!

I guess it was time to show off the Zaurus and its camera again...

Kids playing at the playground.

The playgroun again (higher resolution).

Oh, I guess I was demonstrating it to Linus Torvalds himself! ;^)

They mayor of Sunnyvale dropped by the picnic, to learn all about Linux.

I didn't get introduced, but I can only assume that's his wife.

Rick Moen, learning them all about Linux.

More demoscene action being huddled-around.

Look, it's a Zaurus with a camera!

'Acorn,' a PlayStation2 developer who works at Electronic Arts!

... and then we left to go back home!

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