Bill Kendrick's Atari Relics

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Title Category Year Status Language Summary
Asteroid Belt Game-action 1988 Finished BASIC Fly your ship across the screen, avoiding obstacles
Boxing Game-sports 1988 Unfinished BASIC A Punch Out clone
Castle Game-jumprun 1988 Unfinished BASIC Run, jump, and climb stairs in a spooky mansion
Forest Escape Game-action 1988 Unfinished BASIC
Jigsaw Game-puzzle 1990 Finished BASIC A jigsaw puzzle game
Marooned Game-jumprun 1989 Unfinished BASIC Wander around an island, collecting gold
Maze of Secrets Game-misc 1988 Unfinished BASIC
My first program demo 1986 Finished BASIC The first BASIC program I ever saved to a floppy disk!
Slot Machine Game-cards 1988 Finished BASIC Another slot machine game
Snake Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Another snake game; collect the dots, and grow in length
Super Mario Game-jumprun 1989 Unfinished BASIC Another Super Mario Bros attempt
The Countries of Europe Test Game-edu 1988 Finished BASIC A “countries and capitols” quiz
Way-2-type Game-edu 1988 Unfinished BASIC A typing tutor
Wordster Game-edu 1988 Finished BASIC A pattern-recognition game

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