Bill Kendrick's Atari Relics

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Title Category Year Status Summary
Alarm Clock Specials Utility-Alarmclock 1994 Finished Another set of screensaver-like screens that act as an alarm clock.
Attractive Alarm Utility-Alarmclock 1992? Finished, but parts missing Screensaver/clock/alarm
Boing! Game-jumprun 1993 Attempt at a bounce-and-roll game
Breaktris Game-breakout 1992 Unfinished Play Breakout, then switch to Tetris when you drop the ball
Doctor Atari Game-puzzle 1994 Finished? But unplayably slow Dr. Mario clone
Lantern demo 1992? Finished Halloween Jack-o-Lantern
Minarets and Memories demo 1993 Finished Digitized audio & video demo
Plaxtriss Game-tetris 1991-1996 Unfinished Tetris clone
Porsche demo >1992 Sound & graphics demo
Rodent Revenge Game-puzzle 1994 Finished Clone of Rodent's Revenge
Windows 0.0 experiment 1991 Unfinished A text-mode-based windowing system

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