Bill Kendrick's Atari Relics

Windows 0.0



A text-mode-based windowing system

Joystick-driven, character-based pointer. Ability to open numerous windows (but not re-order them), with move and resize.


Filename Type Description Disk
HITIT.WIN tokenized TurboBASIC XL Game 15
WINDOWS tokenized TurboBASIC XL Program 15
WINDOWS.ERR text file Error messages 15
WINDOWS.PNT font Pointer shapes 15
WINDOWS.PRF preferences Preferences 15
WINDOWS0.FNT font Font 15
WINDOWS1.FNT font Font 15
WINDOWS2.FNT font Font 15
WINDOWSM.PRF tokenized TurboBASIC XL Preference-setting tool 15


Program screen

Preferences screen

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