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Title Category Year Status Language Summary
21 Blackjack Game-cards 1990 Finished BASIC 1- to 4-player Blackjack
Boom! Game-action 1990 BASIC Kaboom! Clone
Card Maker utility 1990 Unfinished BASIC Greeting card maker
Count Duckula Game-jumprun 1990 Unfinished BASIC A feeble attempt to make a game based off one of my favorite cartoons, Count Duckula (from the UK)
Garbage Game-action 1990 Finished BASIC Port of Timex Sinclair 1000 type-in game “Garbage”
Gates Game-board 1990 Finished BASIC Two-player turn-based maze game, based on an Apple II game
Geometric Drawing Language language 1990 Finished BASIC Very simple interpreted graphics-based language
Isolation Game-board 1990 Finished BASIC Port of “Isolation” from Commodore 64
Jackpot Game-cards 1990 Finished BASIC A slot machine simulator
Jigsaw Game-puzzle 1990 Finished BASIC A jigsaw puzzle game
Plane Fight Game-shmup 1990 Unfinished BASIC A side-view game where you fly a plane in loop-the-loops and shoot at boats in the water.
Pop-Up! experiment 1990 Unfinished BASIC Some mouse pointer and text-mode windowing routines for BASIC
Red Game-misc 1990 Finished BASIC A strange side-scroller where you float with a balloon, avoiding clouds, birds, and slingshots from bad-guys on the ground.
Secratary Game-misc 1990 Unfinished BASIC Kind of like Tapper, but you're a secretary answering phones
Tanks Game-action 1990 Finished BASIC Combat-style game
Think Tank Game-board 1990 Unfinished BASIC Unfinished “program your tanks” game
Usurp Game-board 1990 Finished BASIC Strategy game

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