Bill Kendrick's Atari Relics

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Title Category Year Status Language Summary
Porsche demo >1992 TurboBASIC XL Sound & graphics demo
Inference Engine experiment ???? Finished BASIC Learns and can disseminate facts (e.g., âa bear is a mammal, and an animalâ)
Piano utility 1989? Finished BASIC A simple keyboard-based piano program
Piano utility 1989 Finished BASIC Musical keyboard
Usurp Game-board 1990 Finished BASIC Strategy game
Lander Game-action 1989? Finished BASIC Lunar Lander clone
Tanks Game-action 1990 Finished BASIC Combat-style game
The Lost Valleys of Zebos Game-rpg 1989 Unfinished BASIC Zelda clone
Plaxtriss Game-tetris 1991-1996 Unfinished TurboBASIC XL Tetris clone
Invasion Vietnam Game-rungun 1989 Unfinished BASIC Run-n-gun game
Star Wars Game-action 1989 Unfinished BASIC Missile defense game

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