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Title Category Year Status Language Summary
Elevator Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Run back and forth across floors, avoiding being hit by elevators.
Axis Game-action 1989 BASIC Navigate an isometric screen with objects to collect, and pits to jump over or go around.
Zeus Game-action 1989 Finished BASIC Catch Zeus' lightning bolts with your staff; don't let them hit you, or the ground.
Math Attack Game-edu 1987? BASIC A very bad arithmetic quiz game.
Super Mario Bros Game-jumprun 1989 Unfinished BASIC A terrible and misinformed Super Mario Bros clone
Doctor Atari Game-puzzle 1994 Finished? But unplayably slow TurboBASIC XL Dr. Mario clone
Ice Racing Game-racing 1989 BASIC An okay top-down single-vehicle race.
Rally Race Game-racing ???? BASIC A not-very-good top-down single-car race.
Diamond Quest Game-rpg 1989 Unfinished BASIC Unfinished top-down RPG
Bounceback Game-sports 1989 Finished BASIC Pong
Tetbricks Game-tetris 1991 BASIC A combination of Tetris and Breakout
Morse Code utility 1989 Finished BASIC Converts text to morse code, with sound

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