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Atari Party 2010
Sunday, March 14th in Davis, California


On this page you'll find a flyer, a handout, a web banner, and text of a press release that can be used to promote Atari Party 2010. Enjoy, and thanks for helping spread the word!


Download the official Atari Party 2010 promotional flyer. It's a 300dpi, 8.5"x11" (US Letter) PDF, available in both color and greyscale. Please post it where appropriate!

Change to greyscale. Download color flyer.

Less nerdy method:

Color flyer

Greyscale flyer



This is a US Letter (8.5"x11") sheet with two handouts on it (so they need to be cut in half). Good for stacking out at places where they let you put business cards or postcard-sized handouts for events.

Greyscale handout


Web Banner

Feel free to use this web banner to link to this website:

Atari Party 2010, March 14th, Davis, California

HTML Code:

<a href=""><img
width="468" height="60" border="0"
alt="Atari Party 2010, March 14th, Davis, California" /></a>

Postable Press Release

This is (a version of) the press release we sent out to news media regarding this event:

Atari video game aficionados from near and far will host the second annual Atari Party in Davis, California on Sunday, March 14th.

Atari Party invites the whole family to a day of games, prizes, and even a little bit of learning. Test your skill with 300 video games on 30 game systems dating as far back as 1975, plus get a chance to win prizes in a free drawing, learn about the golden age of Atari with a screening of the documentary film "Once Upon Atari", and experience the first major motion picture to extensively use computer graphics with a screening of the 1982 Disney film, "Tron."

Admission is free and children are welcome. Prizes include retro-style USB joysticks from Legacy Engineering, books from O'Reilly Media, gift certificates for, and classic Atari computer systems.

Atari Party is March 14th from 12pm to 8pm at the Redwood Park Community Building, 1001 Anderson Road. For more information, visit

(Last edited 2010.Mar.3)

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Game console names and game titles are trademarks of their respective owners.
This event is a not-for-profit event, put together by volunteers and is free and open t o the public.