Atari Party 2011

Atari Party 2011

June, 11 2011

Yolo County Public Library,
Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch
Blanchard Community Meeting Room
315 East 14th Street
Davis, California 95616

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Everyone who attended was allowed to enter the free prize drawing to win one of the following give-aways! (Free raffle tickets were handed out at the door. Thanks to Yun Zhou, Stephen Matthew Helms, and others for helping!)) There were over 3 dozen individual items!

Thanks to our sponsors for making this give-away possible!

How It Worked:

Atari 800 & MaxFlash Kit
Atari 1200XL & Donkey Kong Arcade
Atari Lynx II & Qix and Klax
Atari Flashback 2+
(New in box!)
Atari Greatest Hits Vol. 1 for Nintendo DS
(New in box!)
Additional Prizes:
Choose what's left from the following:
  • Retro Gaming Hacks book (x10)
  • Atari playing cards (x15)
  • Atari t-shirts (x2)
  • Atari wall decals (x3 variations)
  • "8-bit Imagination" t-shirt

Mega Prizes

There will be one ticket slot for each of these "Mega" prizes!

Atari 800 computer system + MaxFlash programmable cartridge & USB programming kit

A classic Atari 800 8-bit computer system (48KB of RAM) with the following accessories:
  • Atari 1050 floppy disk drive
  • 1Mb "MaxFlash" programmable cartridge (128KB capacity)
  • MaxFlash USB programming kit — load files onto the MaxFlash cart using a Windows PC!
  • Composite monitor cable
  • RF Switchbox
  • Power supplies
  • Atari BASIC programming cartridge
  • Joystick — need to find one!
  • A bevvy of books and manuals:
    • The Atari 800 Home Computer Owner's Guide
    • Atari 400/800 BASIC Reference Manual
    • Atari BASIC: A Self-Teaching Guide
    • De Re Atari: A Guide to Effective Programming
    • Machine Language For Beginners: Personal Computer Machine Language Programming for the Atari, VIC, Apple, Commodore 64, and PET/CBM Computers
    • COMPUTE!'s First Book of Atari Graphics
    • COMPUTE!'s Second Book of Atari
    • Mapping the Atari
    • Antic: The Atari Resource magazine: Volume 3, Number 9: January 1985
Thanks to Steven Tucker of AtariMax for donating the MaxFlash cartridge and programming kit. Show organizer Bill Kendrick inherited the Atari 8-bit system from a local Atarian, and is donating it, plus a copy of BASIC, as part of this prize package.
Atari 1200XL computer system + Donkey Kong Arcade

A classic Atari 1200XL 8-bit computer system (64KB of RAM), with with the following accessories:
  • Donkey Kong Arcade cartridge — an enhanced version of the original Donkey Kong for the Atari 400/800, which adds more authentic music and sound, an arcade intro., and improved gameplay. Also, high scores are saved to the cartridge!
  • One CX-40 joystick
  • Kjmann's S-Video upgrade
  • Kjmann's "8-bit Evolution" power supply
  • 1 S-Video Cable
  • 1 Standard RCA Audio Cable
  • 1 S-Video to Composite Video Adapter
  • Comes with the Original 1200XL OS installed
Thanks to Sal Esquivel Kjmann's Atari Sales and Service for donating the enhanced 1200XL and a copy of Donkey Kong Arcade.
Atari Lynx II handheld game system + Qix & Klax

The Atari Lynx is a 16-bit handheld game console that was released by Atari Corporation in 1989. The Lynx holds the distinction of being the world's first handheld electronic game with a color LCD. The system is also notable for its forward-looking features, advanced graphics, and ambidextrous layout.
  • Klax game cartridge and instruction manual
  • Qix game cartridge
Thanks to Marianne Waage (geek*) for donating her Lynx system as a prize.
Atari Flashback 2+
With the Atari Flashback 2+ Classic Game Console, you can play some of the most popular video games of the 80's, groundbreaking back then, just as much fun today. Shoot through the chaos of Centipede. Hyperspace through the galaxy in Asteroids. Do it all again with the legendary games that set the standard for the future of video games. 40 Games built right in to the console. All in 1 TV compatible gaming system, plug it in and play! [Comes with] 2 Atari 2600 joysticks.
Thanks to donations from Shari Bonnard, Atari Archives and Classic Computer Magazine Archive, which made this prize possible.
Atari Greatest Hits Vol. 1 for Nintendo DS
Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1 delivers 50 iconic Atari games to the Nintendo DS. The compilation game simply gives you the best of Atari's arcade and 2600 games. With 50 all-time favorites including Pong, Asteroids, Centipede and Missile Command and available single cartridge multiplayer, the fun never ends. For those who love the classic gaming experience, this handheld breakthrough is sure to guarantee hours of fun on the go.
Thanks to Corey Koltz of 8-bit Classics for donating this.

Additional Prizes

There will be one ticket slot for all of these prizes. The first winner gets first pick at any item, and so on until they've been exhausted. (There are over 30 individual items!)

Retro Gaming Hacks (x10)
Whether you're just discovering Tetris or you've been a Pong junkie since puberty, Chris Kohler's Retro Gaming Hacks is your indispensable new guide to classic games. Kohler has compiled the how-to information that used to take weeks of web surfing to find and presents it in highly readable Hacks style. Serving up 85 hard-nosed hacks for reviving the classic games, including tips on hacking ancient hardware, home-brewing classic software, and adapting today's equipment for retro games, Retro Gaming Hacks hands you the joystick.
Thanks to Marsee Henon and O'Reilly Media for donating the books.
Atari Playing Cards (x15)
Decks of playing cards with art inspired by classic Atari video games.
Thanks to Atari for donating these.
Atari t-shirts (x2)
T-shirts sporting the Atari 'fuji' logo.
Thanks to Atari for donating these.
Atari Wall Decals (x3)
Convert a blank wall into a snapshot of a bygone video game era!
Vinyl peel and stick wall decals — make any flat surface look like Asteroids, Centipede, or even Pong! Over 150 re-stickable decals, and 50 permanent vinyl decals.
Thanks to ThinkGeek for donating these!
"8-bit Imagination" T-shirt
Imagine you're a programmer who has 128 bytes of RAM and no screen buffer to work with. 128 bytes, as in less data than there is in this paragraph of text. Challenging? You bet. But that challenge produced one of the iconic games of the era, one which everyone remembers because it came packaged with the Atari 2600. Combat. Cartridge 01. Gorgeous tanks and fighter jets on the front of the manual which turn into blocky, awkward 8-bit representations in the game.

Maybe our little tank here is dreaming of what he'll be when he grows up. Or maybe this is how he perceives himself. We don't know, but we think he's adorable, in that way that all tanks are.
Thanks to ThinkGeek for donating this!

June 9 - Note: The USB joysticks didn't arrive in time for this year's party, so won't be part of this year's prize drawing. Sorry!

Most photos from respective product pages; see links. Atari 800 photo from Wikipedia, released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license by Bilby. Atari Lynx II photo from Wikipedia, released as public domain by Teggles.


Sponsored in part by: Shari Bonnard

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