Atari Party 2011

Atari Party 2011

June, 11 2011

Yolo County Public Library,
Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch
Blanchard Community Meeting Room
315 East 14th Street
Davis, California 95616

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"Players" are the 'big' sprites on the Atari 2600 and 8-bit computer (like the tanks in Combat), and "Missiles" are the 'small' sprites (like the bullets in Combat).

At Atari Party 2011, the "Players" are the volunteers bringing consoles, computers and games, and "Missiles" are the volunteers who are just there to help out — helping move equipment, keep an eye on gear, assist the public, etc. Some volunteers have offered to help with both aspects of the event!


Volunteers bringing game systems, computers or other equipment:

Name Hails From Bringing Coming?
Bill Kendrick Davis 7800, Flashback 2, 800XL, 1200XL, Lynx II (x2) , Jaguar CD, PlayStation 2, Gameboy Advance DS, Linux laptop, craft projects, books, magazines, TV (x2), monitor (x2), projector yes (coordinator)
Bob Woolley East Bay 1200XL, 1050, long power strips yes
Conrad Long-Distance 1200XL, ??? [pinged 2011.03.25] yes
David Bay Area? [met at Pin-A-Go-Go] Atari ST yes
Devin Cook Sacramento Pinball 380, Pong IV (x2), 2600, very heavy TV yes
Philip 'Atarian' Louie SF 1040STe, SC1224 color monitor, mouse/joystick/Jaguar pads, UltraSatan dual SD card drive, HxC floppy emulator, speakers/amplifier yes
Sal 'kjmann' Esquivel Oregon Various 8-bit stuff (plus 2 spare C= monitors for Bill K.) yes (crashing in Sac.)
Seth Nagao Sacramento Flashback 2, maybe 2600 and Jaguar [pinged 2011.03.25] yes
Stephen Helms Sacramento ??? [pinged 2011.03.25] yes
Zach Matley Sacramento 2600, maybe a TV yes


Volunteers helping with set-up, break-down, transportation, loading, un-loading, audience-wrangling, etc.:

Name Hails From Can Help With Also Exhibiting? (A "Player")? Coming?
Andrew Roach Davis Set-up no yes
Eric Engelhard Davis Set-up no yes
Marianne Waage Davis Set-up yes no
Robert Najera Sacramento Transportation no yes
Seth Nagao Sacramento Misc yes yes
Stephen Helms Sacramento Set-up, Raffle yes yes
Yun Zhou Sacramento Set-up, Raffle no yes

How YOU Can Help:

Would you like to be a Player or a Missile at a future Atari Party? Sign up for the volunteer coordination mailing list and post an introduction. (View the archive of 2011 posts). Alternatively, you can email the Atari Party coordinator, Bill Kendrick, at

Note: If you're interested in volunteering, and don't sign up for this list, you might miss important messages!


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