Atari Party 2016


Show time

Atari Party 2016 takes place Saturday, July 30th, 2016, between between 12pm & 5pm. (There will be a free prize give-away starting at 4pm.)

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Volunteer Schedule

The library opens at 10:00am, but some of us will be there before then, unloading vehicles and stacking gear up next to the door. That gives us approximate 2 hours to set-up and get ready for the public to show up.

The library closes at 5:30pm, but we generally begin a "soft wrap-up" starting at 4:30pm, which gives us ½–1 hour to wrap up. (We must be out by 5:30!)

If you'd like to volunteer during Atari Party 2016, let us know!

Full Schedule

StartEndOutsideInsideShow open
...10:00amUnload vehicles  
10:00am12:00pm Set-up 
12:00pm5:00pm  Show open to the public
4:00pm4:30pm  Prize give-away
4:30pm5:00pm  Soft wrap-up
5:00pm5:30pm Final wrap-up 
5:30pm...Load vehicles  

Note: The library is open from 10am-5:30pm. We cannot begin setting up before 10am, and we must be completely out of the premises by 5:30pm sharp!

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