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It is currently: 2024 Jul 14
Database last updated: 2023 Nov 29

Welcome to XL Search!

XL Search is a search engine, similar to C|Net's "Shareware.com", which lets you find files (software programs, images, documents, etc.) at an FTP site and download them to your PC.

If you've got an Atari 8-bit computer or emulator, this is the best spot to find software fast!!!


May 2, 2024 — I was considering recreating XL Search using more modern tools, but haven't had the time or interest. My ISP will soon be removing shell access, which means I won't be able to maintain the tool any longer, in its current form.

September 12, 2020 — XL Search is a side project that I've never had time to work on much, and is probably not particularly useful these days. Most of the traffic these days just seem to be random web crawlers, and cybercriminals' bots trying to invoke SQL injections, not realizing this service doesn't even use a database. ;-) So, I'm planning on shutting it down, soon. I started it literally half a lifetime ago, and I hope people have gotten some use out of it during the 23 years it's been online.

Here are some tips:

When entering search keywords, it may be more useful to type some descriptive words rather than filenames, just in case the filename is slightly different than what you're thinking.

E-mail search!

Remember, you can also access XL Search via e-mail! Send a blank e-mail to: xlsearch@newbreedsoftware.com for details.

For more information, or to add your own FTP site, please see the help page!


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  • Add a "-" before a word to exclude it. ie, "-game"
  • Put a "+" between words to stick them together. ie, "pac+man"
  • Or put quotes around words to stick them together. ie, ""video game""
  • Matches are case-insensitive.
  • Asterisks ("*") are ignored.

XL Search by Bill Kendrick with help, 1997 - 2023.
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