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It is currently: 2020 Jul 12
Database last updated: 2020 Feb 13

Welcome to XL Search!

XL Search is a search engine, similar to C|Net's "Shareware.com", which lets you find files (software programs, images, documents, etc.) at an FTP site and download them to your PC.

If you've got an Atari 8-bit computer or emulator, this is the best spot to find software fast!!!


April 12, 2018 — Sadly, Ken Sider's site is now down. Petr Svacina's "gmork" site is accessible via HTTP (not via FTP any longer); updated index to reflect this. I've added a "sort by date" function, and the ability to see everything from 6 months, or 1, 2, or 3 years back, in the "New Arrivals" section. (And also made things more robust against malformed dates found in some QIF index files.)

Here are some tips:

When entering search keywords, it may be more useful to type some descriptive words rather than filenames, just in case the filename is slightly different than what you're thinking.

E-mail search!

Remember, you can also access XL Search via e-mail! Send a blank e-mail to: xlsearch@newbreedsoftware.com for details.

For more information, or to add your own FTP site, please see the help page!


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