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XL Search is made possible by a number of people and organizations. Many are indirectly responsible (ie, they wrote software which XL Search uses in the background), but they're all worth mentioning:

  • Bill Kendrick, New Breed Software
    Author of the search engine and front end software, and HTML/graphics

  • Michael Grobe and many others
    Creators of the Lynx browser, used by XL Search to download site indicies and for file conversion and viewing

  • Howard Chu
    For creating "arc", which is used to extract ARC archives.

  • S. H. Smith and Info-ZIP
    For creating "unzip", which is used to extract ZIP archives.

  • Chad Wagner
    For creating "dcmtoatr", which is used to convert DiskComm DCM disk image files into ATR disk images.

  • shareware.com
    Who inspired me to create XL Search.

  • Jody Lenn and the folks at University of Michigan
    For letting me take over the UMich Atari 8-bit file archive.

  • Nolan Bushnell
    For starting the Atari company in the first place.

  • And Jay Miner, Doug Neubauer and many other designers
    Who made the Atari 8-bit the cool machine we all adore!

XL Search by Bill Kendrick with help, 1997 - 2018.
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