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The makeqif program is a Unix script, written in C, which will delve through the deepest corners of your website or FTP site and collect information about each of the files. From this information, it will create a ".qif" file, perfect for use by XL Search (or Shareware.com).

The ".qif" file's format is one file per line, containing the following fields, separated by ASCII "TAB" characters:

  • Path/Filename
  • Modification date (in YYMMDD format)
  • Size, in bytes, of the file
  • A text description

makeqif builds this for you! For details, please read the "README.txt" that comes in the makeqif distribution.

Once your site is index, please fill out the "Add My Site" form on our feedback page. Click here to jump directly to the form.


First, download the archive:

Place it on your site, log-in (using "telnet"), and open the archive:

  • gunzip makeqif.tar.gz
  • tar -xf makeqif.tar

This will create a new "makeqif/" subdirectory. The "README.txt" file (which explains how to compile and use makeqif) is contained within.

If you need help, please don't hestiate to contact us!


makeqif.pl is a Perl script which is meant to do the same as the C-based "makeqif" above. It was written by Frederik Holst.

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