Atari Party 2013; Davis, CA

12pm-5pm, Saturday July 6th
Davis Public Library

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Atari Party 2013 Free Prize Drawing

Thanks to our sponsors, we have some fun prizes again this year!

(More prizes may get added to this list! If you'd like to donate prizes, email me!)

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The Prizes

USB Classic Joystick
Syzygy Co. USB Classic Joystick

A controller to play video games the way they should be played - OLD SCHOOL STYLE! Tired of trying to play video games with a keyboard/mouse? Tired of trying to use a thumbstick, flight yoke, or other thumbpad designed controllers to play video games and they just don't work right and your game play suffers? The answer is the classic joystick controller!

A standard USB HID device (no drivers required) that works with Windows PCs, Apple Macs, and Linux. Built in the style of the original Atari VCS/2600 "CX-40" joystick.
'Atari Inc. - Business is Fun'
Atari Inc. - Business Is Fun, by Syzygy Press
Nearly 8 years in the making, Atari Inc. - Business is Fun goes behind the company that was synonymous with the popularization of 'video games.'

Comprised of thousands of researched documents, hundreds of interviews, and access to materials never before available, Atari Inc. - Business is Fun is 800 pages long, including nearly 300 pages of rare, never before seen photos, memos and court documents. This book details Atari's genesis from an idea between an engineer and a visionary in 1969 to a nearly $2 billion dollar juggernaut, and ending with a $538 million death spiral by June of 1984.
8-bit Mosaics
Original artwork by 8-bit Mosaics
8-bit themed pixel artwork, created from dice!
Books from O'Reilly Media
Books from O'Reilly
  • Art of Interactive Design - A Euphonious and Illuminating Guide to Building Successful Software
    By Chris Crawford, No Starch Press, 2002
    In The Art of Interactive Design, Chris Crawford explains what interactivity is, how it works, why it's important, and how to design good software and websites that are truly interactive.

    Christopher Crawford is a computer game designer and writer noted for creating a number of important games in the 1980s, founding The Journal of Computer Game Design, and organizing the Computer Game Developers' Conference (GDC). He wrote the games Energy Czar, Scram, Eastern Front, and helped write De Re Atari.
  • Super Scratch Programming Adventure! - Learn to Program By Making Cool Games
    By The LEAD Project, No Starch Press, 2012
    Scratch is the wildly popular educational programming language used by millions of first-time learners in classrooms, libraries, and homes worldwide. By dragging together colorful blocks of code, kids quickly learn computer programming concepts and make cool games and animations.

    In Super Scratch Programming Adventure!, kids learn programming fundamentals as they make their very own playable video games. They'll create projects inspired by classic arcade games that can be programmed (and played!) in an afternoon. The book's patient, step-by-step explanations of the code and fun programming challenges will have kids creating their own games in no time.
  • Retro Gaming Hacks - Tips & Tools for Playing the Classics
    By Chris Kohler, O'Reilly Media, 2005
    Retro Gaming Hacks serves up 85 hard-nosed hacks for reviving the classic games. Want to game on an original system? Kohler shows you how to hack ancient hardware, and includes a primer for home-brewing classic software. Rather adapt today's equipment to run retro games? Kohler provides emulation techniques, complete with instructions for hacking a classic joystick that's compatible with a contemporary computer.

    This book also teaches readers to revive old machines for the original gaming experience: hook up an Apple II or a Commodore 64, for example, and play it like you played before.
Mystery prize!
More details coming soon!
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