Atari Party 2013; Davis, CA

12pm-5pm, Saturday July 6th
Davis Public Library

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Current Volunteers

Name From Set-up? Break-down? Helping how? / Bringing Gear?
Bill Kendrick
(Event coordinator)
Davis, CA Yes Yes 2600, 7800, Flashback 2, Lynx * 2, Jaguar, NES, PlayStation, PS2, TV (RF), VCR, TV (RF/composite), Monitor (composite) * 2, stereo, misc.
Daphne Pareas Davis, CA Yes Maybe Has minivan, will transport Bill K. & his equipment.
Mike Simons Davis, CA Yes Yes Set-up/breakdown
Andrew Roach Davis, CA Yes Maybe Set-up, maybe break-down
Marianne Waage Davis, CA Maybe Maybe (Maybe attending) Set-up and/or break-down
Eric Engelhard Davis, CA Maybe Maybe (Maybe attending) Set-up and/or break-down
G Richard Yamagata Davis, CA Maybe Maybe (Maybe attending) Atari ST1040s & monitors, Atari 800, Atari 400, TV
Seth Nagao Sacramento, CA Yes Yes Set-up and break-down
Zach Matley Sacramento, CA Yes Yes Atari 2600, TV
Dan 'Gunstar Hero' Sacramento, CA ? ? Atari 5200s, some flat-panel TVs
Devin Cook Sacramento, CA ? ? Tele-games Super Pong IV, and a TV
Philip Louie San Francisco, CA Yes ? Atari 1040STe or MegaSTe and monitor
Nick Schmalenberger San Mateo ? ? Volunteer
Bruce Newland Colusa, CA Yes ? Super Pong, Projector & screen.
Bob Woolley Alameda, CA ? ? Atari 800 and 1200XL, two LCD monitors, two CRT monitors.
Robert Bernardo Visalia, CA ? ? Commodore 64 and composite monitor, MCC-216 (Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari 2600 simulator) and VGA monitor, Atari 800XL(?), plus two composite monitors for Bill to borrow.
Micah Cowan Los Banos, CA Yes Yes Has a van available
Conrad Far away Yes Yes Atari 800XL, monitor, Pong, TV

Help Wanted! We're all set!

Thanks to the many folks above, we should be set for the show!

How to help

Please subscribe to the 'atariparty' coordination mailing list, introduce yourself, and tell us how you can help.

You may also want to join the 'Atari Party' group on Facebook, where event participants sometimes chat.

Or, at a minimum, feel free to email me directly:

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