Atari Party 2013; Davis, CA

12pm-5pm, Saturday July 6th
Davis Public Library

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Syzygy Company LLC
Syzygy has offered to donate some of their USB Classic Joysticks, and the book Atari, Inc. - Business is Fun as give-away prizes.
8-bit Mosaics by Michael C. Hawk
Michael Hawk has offered to donate some of his 8-bit themed, dice-based original artwork as give-away prizes.
O'Reilly has donated books as give-away prizes.
The Linux Users' Group of Davis is loaning their projector.

Donations and Expenditures

Date Who/Where What Amount Totals
2013-05-11 Bizarro World Video games (for give-away prizes) $-5.40
2013-05-19 CVS/pharmacy Hand wipes $-6.47
2013-05-20 Yolo County Public Library Room fee (for having food) $-10.00
2013-07-07 Total consumables $-21.87
2013-05-19 CVS/pharmacy Power strips (x2), Extension cord $-39.92
2013-07-07 Total non-consumables $-39.92
2013-07-06 Wes Hardaker Donation $10.00
2013-07-07 Total donations $10.00
2013-07-07 Grand Total $-51.79

Non-consumable; can be used at future events.

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