Atari Party 2015

May 2nd, 2015 — 12pm-5pm — Yolo County Public Library, Mary L Stephens Davis branch — Davis, CA

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Games and More

Systems and Games

Here are the systems you'll be able to play games on at Atari Party 2015:

Atari Party gives you the chance to see countless games running on real Atari hardware, using real game controllers, not a PC keyboard! That includes classic licensed titles like Space Invaders and Superman on the 2600, which have never been included in official "anthology" collections. You'll also revisit arcade titles via modern systems like the Sony PlayStation & PS2. Rarer Ataris, like the Lynx handheld and 64-bit Jaguar home console will be there, too! And don't forget the growing collection of recent homebrew titles that continue to come out, long after the systems stop being produced!

Numerous facts sourced from various Wikipedia articles.

Static Exhibits

Reading Material

A collection of classic and modern books and magazines about the early Atari systems will be available for perusal at this year's Atari Party:

* — We'll also be giving away copies of these books during our free prize drawing!

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