Atari Party 2015

May 2nd, 2015 — 12pm-5pm — Yolo County Public Library, Mary L Stephens Davis branch — Davis, CA

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Many thanks to this year's sponsors, who help take Atari Party to the next level!

Eight Bit Fix Eight Bit Fix - Atari 400/800/XL/XE Computer Cartridges, Systems,
Drives, Consultation and Sales by Paul Westphal, Portland, Oregon

Paul Westphal, who runs Eight Bit Fix, a sales and consultation company focused on the Atari 8-bit line of computers, was kind enough to donate a copy of the recent Atari XL/XE conversion of the arcade game Space Harrier, by Chris Hutt, for our prize drawing.

Player/Missile Podcast Player/Missile Podcast - Atari 8-bit Game and Magazine Retrospective

Rob McMullen, host of the Player/Missile Podcast, a retrospective of the Atari 8-bit line of home computers, and the video games that came out for them, has graciously donated some Atari to PC USB cables, and a Raspberry Pi, for our prize drawing.

Digital Game Museum Digital Game Museum: We Save Games

The Digital Game Museum, located in Santa Clara, CA (in the heart of Silicon Valley), coordinated and sponsored the 2012 Atari Party ("Atari's 40th anniversary" edition) in Sunnyvale, and co-hosted the 2014 Atari Party that was sponsored and co-hosted by the Sunnyvale public library. They're donating some great DGM t-shirts for our prize drawing. (Consider becoming a supporter of the Digital Game Museum!)

No Starch Press no starch press

No Starch Press publishes the finest in geek entertainment — distinctive books on computing, such as bestsellers Steal This Computer Book and The Manga Guides. They focus on open source/Linux, security, hacking, programming, alternative operating systems, and science and math. Their titles have personality and attitude, their authors are passionate about their subjects, and they read and edit every book that bears their name. No Starch Press' goal is to make computing accessible to technophile and novice alike. They have been kind enough to donate some books for our prize drawing.

Kevin Savetz

Kevin Savetz, author of the autobiography Terrible Nerd: True Tales of Growing Up Geek, co-host of ANTIC: The Atari 8-bit Podcast, and maintainer of both the Classic Computer Magazine Archive and (a collection of classic computing books), has donated copies of his book for our prize drawing.

Northwest Retro Computing and Video Game Club Northwest Retro Computing and Video Game Club: Northern Oregon and
Southern Washington Retro Video Game and Computer Users Group

Sal, of the Northwest Retro Computing and Video Game Club in northern Oregon/southern Washington, is donating an Atari ST RGB-to-Component video converter for our prize drawing.

Daryl Rodriguez, World 1-1 movieWorld 1-1: The Pioneers

The producers of World 1-1, a new independent documentary on the early history of video games, have given us permission to screen their film at this year's Atari Party!

Linux Users' Group of DavisLUGOD: Linux Users' Group of Davis

The Linux Users' Group of Davis is loaning Atari Party a projector for screening World 1-1.

David Maddox

David Maddox, friend of Atari Party (and long-time friend of Bill Kendrick, the party's coordinator), has donated a copy of The Art of Video Games, for our prize drawing.

Chris Melissinos

Chris Melissinos, author of The Art of Video Games has offered to send a signed book plate to the winner of his book, too!

Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson, friend of Atari Party (and long-time friend of Bill Kendrick, the party's coordinator), has donated an Advanced Gravis Switch Joystick for our prize drawing.

John Reed

John Reed, friend of Atari Party (and of its coordinator), graciously donated his entire Atari 2600 collection for our prize drawing.

Ryan 'gozar' Collins

Ryan Collins of, and Bitsmack webcomic (with his brother), and friend of Atari Party, and long-time (comp.sys.atari.8bit!) friend of Bill Kendrick, the party's coordinator, donated $50.00 to help offset the expenses for this year's show.

Bob Conner

Bob Conner, friend of Atari Party, donated an Atari 2600 collection and an Atari ST laser printer for our prize drawing.

Philip Louie

Philip Louie, Atari Party exhibitor for many years, is donating pamphlets, stickers, posters, and even a balloon, that Atari produced for various products for our prize drawing.

Neal Krummel

At the last minute, Neal offered to donate a second Raspberry Pi for our prize drawing.

All our Volunteers

Finally, we'd like to thank all of the volunteers who are helping put Atari Party 2015 together!

More Info

Interested in sponsoring Atari Party 2015? Contact Bill Kendrick.

Donations and Expenses:

As of 2015-08-02:
Date Entity What Amount Details
2015-02-xx Yolo County library Meeting room -$35.00 $10 for A/V use, $25 for food
2015-02-xx Copyland, Davis 40 color copies: AP2015 flyer -$15.19 $0.35/copy, plus tax
2015-02-23 Copyland, Davis 40 color copies: AP2015 flyer -$15.19 $0.35/copy, plus tax
2015-03-17 Copyland, Davis 50 b/w copies: AP2015 handout (for IDGA Sac Indie Arcade)
50 b/w copies: CAX flyer (for AP2015)
-$6.51 $0.06/copy, plus tax
2015-04-09 Ebay AC adapter for 2600 give-away -$5.99  
2015-04-12 Ryan 'gozar' Collins Donation $50.00  
2015-05-01 Nugget Markets, Davis Fruit for volunteers, paper plates/etc. -$30.17  
Total -$58.05  

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