Atari Party 2015

May 2nd, 2015 — 12pm-5pm — Yolo County Public Library, Mary L Stephens Davis branch — Davis, CA

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How to Volunteer

Volunteer coordination is handled via the 'atariparty' coordination mailing list. If you'd like to help, please subscribe and introduce yourself. There is also an "Atari Party" coordination group on Facebook. Finally, if you'd rather just contact Bill Kendrick (the organizer) directly, you can email him at:

Exhibitor List

Last updated: 2015-05-01 1:05pm
Name From Set-Up? Break-down? Helping / Gear
Rex Allison Santa Clara y n Table top arcade machine with Raspberry Pi. (Leaving at 2:30pm)
Mark Birsching South Bay n ? Tempest arcade. (Arriving 10:30am)
Greg "ArcadeDude44" Dodd Stockton area? ? ? Atari Falcon, multiscan monitor
Conrad Far away (local overnight) y y Atari 800XL (PAL, stereo, 1MB), Atari 800, Atari TT030
Dan "Gunstar Hero" DeVriend Sacramento y y 5200s, little screens
Sal "kjmann" Esquivel Oregon (local overnight) y y Atari STe, Atari 600XL (64KB, Stereo), ColecoVision with Atari 2600 adapter, Amiga 500, Amiga 2000, monitors for those, plus four extra C=1702 monitors. (Also donating a prize!)
Jeremy Holloway Sacramento ? ? Atari 5200, Sega Genesis, 800XL (maybe)
Bill Kendrick Davis y y 2600, 7800, Flashback 2, 1200XL, 800XL, Lynx (x2), <strike>Jaguar</strike>, NES, Genesis, PSX, PS2, TV (RF) (x2), TV (composite/RF), monitor (composite) (x2), projector (x2), big stereo, small speakers, laptop (for movie screening). Books, magazines, Atari 800 exhibit. (Also, show coordinator!)
Dan "The Trakball Man" Kramer Bay Area (local overnight) ? ? Atari 5200 x2, prototype 5200 Trak-Ball, Atari 7800, dual controller coupler, Atari 800XL, 3-button Trak-Ball, Trinitron, TV x2.
Philip Louie San Francisco ? ? 1040ST, 1040STe with UltraSatan, ST monitors x2. (Also donating prizes!)
Rob McMullen Bay Area ? y Raspberry Pi running atari800 emulator, LCD monitor. (Also donating prizes!)
Andy O'Brien Prundale y y Atari 800 (Incognito), Atari 1040ST (CosmosEx), Atari Jaguar, LCD, CRT, ST monitor
Danny Webster Redding y y Atari Jaguar, flat-screen TV
Bob Woolley Alameda y y 27" Composite, RF, HDMI, VGA, and Component. 19", Composite, RF, S-video, HDMI, VGA, and Component. 13" Composite, RF, HDMI, VGA, and Component (x2). (Can't stick around during the day.)

Volunteer List

Name From Set-Up? Break-down? Helping / Gear
Jonathan Oregon y y Assisting Sal
Aaron Oregon y y Assisting Sal
Seth Nagao Sacramento y y Set-up, teardown, other sundry tasks.
Daphne Pareas Davis y y Transporting Bill and gear.
Harris Davis y y Helping Daphne and Bill
James Peyton Sacramento n y Clean-up (arriving ~1pm).
Adam Reiser Davis y ? Exhibitor relief, set-up.

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