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What's This Site All About?

This site is dedicated to the Indrema Entertainment System, which would have been a David to the current and upcoming video game Goliaths (Sony, Nintendo and MicroSoft). For more information, see the About the Indrema page.

Who's Bill?

I'm Bill Kendrick, Indrema fan, Linux user, and hobbiest game developer.

I've created a few games for the Atari 8-bit, and for Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS and BeOS.

I also run an extremely popular web-based games site, Bill's Games. It's completely compatible with another TV-based device, WebTV's. (The site is very popular with WebTV users since it doesn't use Java.)

Mine was the second known Indrema fan site, created shortly after Indrema opened their Indrema Developers Network (and mailing lists) in November 2000.

How Was This Site Made?

I use PHP for standard layout and look-n-feel.

Graphics are mostly based on stuff found at Indrema's websites. Touch-ups and original graphics were made using The Gimp.

My site's hosted on, about the best ISP I've ever dealt with.

Other Contributors

Oluseyi Sonaiya
Contributed to the Glossary.

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