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Below is a list of links to news articles about Indrema (newest articles listed first).

Note: Especially when reading older articles, please remember that some information may have changed. Please check Indrema's FAQ for the latest official facts.

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2001: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2000: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

January 2002

* Vaporware 2001: Empty Promises
(Wired, 2002.Jan.07)
"10. Indrema: This company cast itself as a slayer of corporate behemoths -- Indrema said it would produce an open-source game console that could beat those from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. But the available evidence suggests that, in the company's short life, all it managed to get out the door were a few sorry press releases.

"If only they would have gotten off their sorry butts and built the stupid device instead of modeling 3-D mockups and obsessing over the developer's kit," said reader Tim Toner, who had great expectations for the system, "there would already be a fanatical grassroots developer network in place big enough to scare the big guys." Those big guys did well last year in the world of games, but Indrema died a quiet death last spring."

May 2001

* Nokia and Loki Software in Agreement to Distribute Linux Games with Nokia Media Terminal
(Nokia, 2001.May.16)
"[Perhaps it's time to rename this site to "Media Terminal Informer?"] Nokia and Loki Software announced today an agreement to make Linux games from Loki available on the Nokia Media Terminal."

* Nokia to use Linux system
(Financial Times, 2001.May.13)
"Nokia will on Monday announce that it has turned to the Linux free software community to develop applications for its Media Terminal home entertainment system due to be launched later this year."

April 2001

* All for One -- Without Indrema
(OS Opinion, 2001.Apr.27)
"The secret to giving consumers a positive product experience is to create several stand-alone machines dedicated to doing one thing and DOING IT WELL."

* TuxBox: Rising from Indrema's ashes
(NewsForge, 2001.Apr.18)
"The TuxBox team believes they can have a console ready to sell, with several game titles available, by this fall..."

* Eulogy for the Indrema
(, 2001.Apr.16)
"By all accounts, it was a great idea. And as Indrema progressed, it became more than just a game console."

* Indrema is Terminated
(Indrema, 2001.Apr.12)
"Our vision to empower independent game developers to take control of their future and redefine the next generation of interactive entertainment lives on..."

* Indrema CEO Discusses the Close of His Company
(AllLinuxDevices, 2001.Apr.12)
"Carpenter said she's approached another company interested in keeping the site going as a center for open source and Linux games development, but that CollabNet would also be faced with closing the site down if the potential investors don't come through."

* Indrema: What wnt wrong? Can open source and consoles coexist?
(AllLinuxDevices, 2001.Apr.12)
"Having the ability to customize software, and even to some extent, the hardware of the console itself, would offer benefits that the "static" consoles of conventional consumers would never be able to achieve."

* Game over for Indrema's impossible dream
(NewsForge, 2001.Apr.11)
"The console companies can even "persuade" retailers not to carry a given product (made by their competition) or to stick it on a back shelf somewhere if the retailer ever expects to get the latest video games or software. It's blackmail, to be sure, but it's done all the time."

* Indrema dead; Gildred to move on
(GameSpy, 2001.Apr.11)
"When asked how if Indrema's death will affect the struggling Linux gaming community, Mark 'Nurgle' Collins, author of Linux Game Programming said, "Very little.""

* Plans for Linux game console fizzle
(CNet, 2001.Apr.11)
""It's just a terrible capital market to work in now, and it happens to come at the worst possible time for us," Gildred said. [...] Indrema had a worthy plan, especially as Microsoft's entry into console gaming is likely to hurt the market for PC games. With some luck [...] Indrema's console--rather than the PC--could have become the format of choice for small companies that develop games."

* Plug is pulled on Indrema box plans
(Video Business, 2001.Apr.09)
"The Indrema system [...] has become another victim of tough times in the technology sector."

* Indrema's mission impossible
(Red Herring, 2001.Apr.06)
"The concept is a break from the traditional gaming model, whereby console manufacturers maintain proprietary systems and require developers to play by their rules."

* I Dream of Indrema
(California Computer News, 2001.Apr)
"[I]f this Cinderella player trying to dance the waltz with the handsome, multi-billionaire prince at the Interactive Entertainment Ball can manage to fashion a glass slipper out of its open-source wooden clog, Indrema might end up having the last laugh against its not-so ugly step-sisters."

March 2001

* Linux Game Programming Book
(Lunux Games, 2001.Mar.27)
"Linux Game Programming is an extensive resource for aspiring Linux game developers, covering both API's and programming techniques applicable to game design. [It includes the Indrema SDK on its CDROM]"

* Indrema faces funding challenge
(Linux Devices, 2001.Mar.22)
"Indrema CEO John Gildred provided the following description of his company's current situation"

* Whisperings from Indrema
(, 2001.Mar.21)
"We have experienced our share of dry spells in this difficult economy lately. ... the CPU is now spec'd at 750MHz, and will use a GeForce3."

* Field of Indrema
(Next Generation Magazine, 2001.Mar.17)
"[In] today's multibillion-dollar game industry, games have become incredibly difficult to program. ... But there's still hope: A little company called Indrema has plans to foster a wave of programmers with a new, open-source videogame console."

* Game Arrives Only in Dreams
(Wired News, 2001.Mar.13)
"Yeah, Indrema will do games, the company says. But it will also be a DVD player, a Tivo-like personal video recorder, a broadband-ready Internet appliance, an MP3 player, and, for good measure, a compact PC with a wireless keyboard. And since the whole thing will be open source, users can tinker with it, upgrade its videocard, and run programs written by a cult of developers all over the world."

* New digital Internet/TV has "Linux inside"
(ZDNet News, 2001.Mar.08)
"Basically, the Ch.1 Platform consists of [a] high resolution HDTV-ready monitor with a built-in conventional TV tuner, [an] embedded Internet appliance computer that supports both dialup (56K) and broadband (Ethernet) Internet access, [s]ophisticated Linux-based operating system and user interface software, with an easy-to-use graphical interface that unifies TV watching and Internet viewing, [a] combination remote/keyboard/mouse to simplify system operation, [and] Internet-based control and database services (the "Ch.1 network")."

* Slashback: Indreams, Dejagain, Codrivel
(, 2001.Mar.08)
"Seems like they are even closer to becoming a reality (even though the launch date seems to have been pushed back). So, start writing cool games!"

* The Anti-Console: Indrema's Linux Based Gaming Machine
(GameSpy, 2001.Mar.01)
"Despite my previous harsh critiques of Linux as a gaming platform, there are several areas where it really shines. One such area is with non-commercial games. Linux has always had the hacker spirit, and that atmosphere has incubated many fun, interesting, and at very least unique non-commercial games."

* Why Do People Hate Indrema?
(, 2001.Mar.01)
"While sniffing around the net, it's impossible not to notice the tons of really nasty comments..."

February 2001

* News Headlines, Thursday February 1
(, 2001.Feb.01)
"Some interesting tidbits. Indrema won't be at GDC or E3 -- it's before their mid-summer launch date"

January 2001

* Indrema Update
(, 2001.Jan.26)
"The navigational GUI and other system components are being worked on..."

* Game Consoles Morphing into Entertainment Gateways
(Electronic News, 2001.Jan.22)
"Indrema's console, scheduled for release in the spring, features a 600MHz x86 chip and an Nvidia graphics chip."

* Indre... what??!!! [an Indrema backgrounder]
(Console Wire, 2001.Jan.19)
"The IES also boasts other attractive features such as DVD playback, advanced MP3 functionality (playback, playlist, download), Web browsing and email, and the increasingly popular TV viewing services found currently in Tivo and Replay TV. Indrema's system appears to do it all, plus it supports the open-source movement."

December 2000

* Indrema L600 Linux Based Console: How Will It Prevail?
(3D Rage, 2000.Dec.21)
"the thought of an upcoming console system that will utilize DV Linux, an open source distrobution of the Lionux operating system design specifically for consumer electronics, is intriguing"

* Update on Indrema's Linux-based set-top game console
(ZDNet, Enterprise Linux, 2000.Dec.20)
"'After extensive feedback from the open source community... Indrema has decided to change the freeware / Open Source portion of the certification plan'"

* Indrema thinks big, but so did 3DO
(Happy Puppy, 2000.Dec.05)
"The machine will combine a number of different technologies, including a DVD player, a digital TV recorder (something like TiVo), as well as a search engine for internet video channels that will allow you to download television shows or movies on the system's 10GB hard drive"

* How the Indrema Game Console Will Work
(How Stuff Works, 2000.Dec)
"Imagine for a second that you have formed a new electronics company and your first product will be a revolutionary new video game console"

November 2000

* Indrema: Developer Diary 2
(, 2000.Nov.29)
"I promised this week to discuss the nature of the Indrema Entertainment Software Development Kit or IESDK. So I'll get started"

* Indrema: The Next Big Thing?
(GameProWorld, 2000.Nov.26)

* Who will be king of the game consoles?
(C|NET News, 2000.Nov.21)
"As Sony scrambles to ramp up production of the PlayStation 2, two new combatants in the game console wars are wooing software developers to lay the groundwork for an assault on the market next year"

* Indrema CEO Interview
(Evil Avatar, 2000.Nov.20)
"Indrema will feature some network capabilities which will enhance gameplay on the system. For instance, you can plug several IES systems into a network hub and play over a home network, without the need for an internet connection. It is a very flexible system for networked game play."

* Indrema's L600: The Little Product That Could
(Net4TV Voice, 2000.Nov.19)
"[T]here is within Indrema, the makings of a product that could not only have a huge impact upon the device market but the gaming console market as well"

* Indrema Outreach
(Client Server News, 2000.Nov.17)
"Indrema Corporation, the secretive little outfit that's brewing up a Red Hat-based game console... has launched an online community for developers writing video games for its upcoming widgetry."

* Say goodbye to the personal computer and hello to personal dataspace
(, 2000.Nov.11)
"Even Linux is getting in on the action, with a company called Indrema trying to create open-source game consoles."

* Leave Your Politics at the Door with the Indrema
(All Linux Devices, 2000.Nov.09)
"When I asked the spokesperson about the reasons for these security measures, the answer was simple, and oriented around one of the basic axioms of the console gaming industry, where the console itself is the proverbial razor, given away at a loss, to the game software's razor blades, where the real money is made."

* Indrema Hardware Specifications
(Daily Radar, 2000.Nov.09)
"The hardware specifications for the Indrema Linux-based console are in"

* Game developers can't wait to start working on Indrema
(NewsForge, 2000.Nov.08)
"Game developers, both those working with established projects and independent hobbyists, say they can't wait to start developing for the Indrema Entertainment System, a game box/Internet device running on Linux"

* Indrema Developer Network Launches, CEO Gildred Clarifies Certification and Copy Protection Goals
(All Linux Devices, 2000.Nov.07)
"According to Behlendorf, a primary thrust of bringing open source development to gaming is to allow large-scale community efforts to collaborate around the low-level elements of gaming such as driving graphics rendering and sound production, where bug fixes can occur at a faster rate, to allow game developers to focus more on the storytelling aspects of game development."

* Why I don't do TiVO or ReplayTV
(ZDNet eWeek, 2000.Nov.07)
"why do I think that Indrema even has a chance? Because history teaches us that no company that dominated the game-console market for a generation has successfully maintained the lead into the next generation. As a startup, Indrema has the advantage of flexibility and the potential to really innovate."

* Indrema open sourcing console gaming
(, 2000.Nov.07)
"a press conference earlier this week in which Indrema CEO John Gildred detailed his company's plans to redefine the high-end gaming market through Indrema's upcoming Linux-based set-top gaming system which will be supported by an open source game development model, plus, hopefully, an enthusiastic game development community"

* Indrema Launches IDN
(, 2000.Nov.07)
"Ever the persistant kid that won't go away, Indrema jumps in your face and demands you to pay attention. The L600 is one step closer to becoming a reality"

* Indrema and CollabNet Launch Open Source Video Game Development Network And Resource Center
(Digital Game Developer, 2000.Nov.06)
"Indrema Developer Network (IDN) Gives Developers 'One-Stop Shop' to Download Free SDKs and Other Tools"

* Indrema Console Opens Developer Network
(Daily Radar, 2000.Nov.06)
"The IDN contains the tools and certification process for developers for the Indrema console"

* Indrema and Metro Link Collaborate on Open Source Multimedia Initiatives for the Indrema Entertainment System
(Metro Link, 2000.Nov.06)
"New OpenStream and Xtrema Technologies to Benefit from Collaborative Development for an Open Source Home Entertainment Platform"

* Indrema Tools from Metroworks and Metro Link
(Gamasutra, 2000.Nov.06)
"[A] version of CodeWarrior for the Indrema Entertainment System (IES) ...will be included for little or not cost in the [IESDK]"

* Indrema invites gamers to become game developers
(ZDNet IT Resource Centers, 2000.Nov.06)
"The "Fifth Console," an inexpensive Internet, gaming, mp3 and DVD center, is making it easier than ever to author computer games."

* Indrema Developer Network Launched Today
(, 2000.Nov.06)
"Today, Indrema launched its much-anticipated Indrema Developer Network"

* Indrema Press Conference Summary
(, 2000.Nov.06)
"Brian Behlendorf spoke briefly addressing some of the reasoning behind the development of the IES. One of the primary goals of the IES is to put greater separation between platform developers, game engine developers, and game developers. Brian pointed out that the three traditionally are usually all handled by one company (i.e. Sony, Nintendo, etc) but the philosophy behind the IES is to separate the three in an attempt to increase game quality."

October 2000

* Indrema Attacks
(, 2000.Oct)
"John Gildred's company, Indrema, wants to change that perception to include his new baby in the picture"

* Closing The Ranks Around Pikachu
(All Linux Devices, 2000.Oct.31)
"Indrema will encourage developers through a program with and try to apply the principles of Open Source development to games development."

* Net gaming as the culture of tomorrow
(Yahoo! Internet Life, 2000.Oct.30)
"A recent topic was the potentially revolutionary new open-source gaming console from Indrema, which could drive the cost of gaming down and spread this culture even more rapidly."

* Indrema posts comedy spoiler for PS2 launch
(Computer and Video Games, 2000.Oct.26)
"Who said the games industry was getting too dry?"

* Indrema the 5th Console
(Twin Galaxies, 2000.Oct.26)
"What can this newcomer offer to become a relevant addition to the market? I asked myself the same question, and I was surprised by the answer."

* Indrema: Developer Diary 1
(, 2000.Oct.25)
"Now I stay up late worrying about IESDK and hardware glitches, partner development deadlines, and distribution deals"

* Darwin, Linux, and Radiation
(Business 2.0, 2000.Oct.24)
"Linux is being modified for use in game machines (Indrema)..."

* Interview with Indrema Founder, John Gildred
(, 2000.Oct.22)
"It isn't impossible for Indrema to make a serious run at the console market. Think about it, has any console been able being on top twice in a row?"

* Indrema's John Gildred Answers Your Questions
(, 2000.Oct.20)
"Recently you asked Indrema founder John Gildred about the Linux-based console system his company plans to introduce. Here's what he has to say about its hackability, strategy, developers and more"

* Interviews - John Gildred of Indrema on the L600
(Planet GeForce, 2000.Oct.19)
"Of great interest is the NVIDIA graphics technology that the console will feature"

* Indrema OpenGL/Linux game console developer network
(, 2000.Oct.17)
"Indrema, one of the many IHVs working on developing OpenGL-accelerated game consoles, has announced tthe Indrema Developer Network"

* Indrema Announces Developer Network
(, 2000.Oct.16)
"In the near future, you will be able to create a game using our project hosting facility through gameXchange"

* Games Circa 2010
(, 2000.Oct.12)
"The Indrema IES L-600, released way back in 2001, awakened gamers to the promise of industry standard hardware..."

September 2000

* Audio Indrema Presentation
(Slashdot, 2000.Sep.25)
"Hardware Unlimited has posted an audio archive from last week's BALUG (Bay Area Linux User Group) with guest speaker John T. Gildred of Indrema."

* New Console on the Block
(, 2000.Sep.21)
"What I would later find, after talking with the Indrema team, was that it was no mere gaming console but an entertainment system"

* Console makers face a brand-new game
(Upside, 2000.Sep.19)
"Right now, we're in the middle of a two-year transition period from 64-bit consoles to 128-bit consoles, and the rules have changed."

* The First Open-Source Console
(, 2000.Sep.14)
"[T]here's more incentive for developers than the price alone: Since the kit is open-source, a developer can take it, open it up, customize it and add any tools they require to it. I need not tell you that such a kit is a developer's wet dream."

* Red Hat and the Indrema Console
(, 2000.Sep)
"Red Hat has long stood for creating a standard for Linux, now Indrema hopes to leverage that record of accomplishment by partnering with the company for their DV Linux distribution"

August 2000

* Linux Gaming
(, 2000.Aug)
"The future of the Linux desktop, the Indrema console, and the Gnome Project"

* Microsoft is Your Friend, and Other Useful Tidbits from Salon
(All Linux Devices, 2000.Aug.30)
"If Xbox succeeds, it will be a "rich gaming experience" for Microsoft as it plays "Run to the Bank Laughing""

* John Gildred, Founder and CEO of Indrema on the L600 Entertainment System
(, 2000.Aug.28)
"With every generation a couple new players in the console gaming market always spring up and the latest generation is no exception"

* Upside: Indrema gets chummy with Linux
(Borland, 2000.Aug.24)
"If you thought the embedded market was competitive, try the video-gameconsole space"

* Indrema gets chummy with Linux
(Upside, 2000.Aug.23)
"Still, one Linux company, Indrema, is diving into the pool head-first."

* Special Report: Indrema
(, 2000.Aug.16)
"Indrema is ready to offer a way around this problem, to make console upgrades a simple matter, and hopefully capture a significant portion of the console market in the process"

* Red Hat and Indrema Offer the First DV Linux Game Console and Entertainment System
(GamaSutra, 2000.Aug.15)
"Red Hat and Indrema hope their partnership will ensure that a universal standard for next-generation video game development emerges to avoid fragmentation in the various Open Source multimedia initiatives"

* The Indrema/CollabNet parternership: An Open Source Run on the Titans of Gaming
(All Linux Devices, 2000.Aug.15)
"On October 1, Indrema and CollabNet will launch the Indrema Developer Network (IDN), a project aimed at handing the tools and support open source developers need to produce high-quality games for Indrema's gaming console."

* Red Hat alliance
(Wired News, 2000.Aug.14)
"Indrema will become the first to adopt the DV Linux standard with the release of its Indrema Entertainment System (IES) video game console and software development kit, which incorporates the open-source DV Linux architecture."

* Partners Push Open-Source Model for Videogames
(The Standard, 2000.Aug.14)
"A deal between CollabNet and Indrema would push the use of the Linux operating system into previously uncharted territory - that of open-source gaming and open-source multimedia standards."

* Partners push open source model for video games
(Network World Fusion News, 2000.Aug.14)
"In the case of Indrema, the San Francisco-based company hopes to give smaller players a chance to succeed in the highly competitive video game market, in addition to facilitating a development process that could decrease time to market and reduce the number of bugs in the games."

* Linuxcare to support Indrema embedded Linux game system
(, 2000.Aug.14)
"Under the agreement, Linuxcare will offer Linux support to video game developers that wish to create next-generation games for the IES platform"

* Linuxcare and Indrema Team to Provide Embedded Linux Support for Video Game Market
(Linuxcare, 2000.Aug.14)
"Linuxcare to Support Developers Working with DV Linux and the Indrema Entertainment System Platform"

* Red Hat & Indrema partner to support game console market
(Wide Open News, Linux Devices, 2000.Aug.14)
"the companies have formed an alliance to jointly manage branding and distribution of DV Linux, an upcoming universal standard operating system for console video gaming and TV-based entertainment applications"

* Indrema: Linux-Based Console
(C|Net Gamecenter, 2000.Aug.11)
"Many gamers (and especially their parents) are tired of having to purchase a new video game console and the accompanying software every three to four years. What if a home console system had the ability to be upgraded, like a home computer?"

July 2000

* Wunder-Console is also Progressive-Scan DVD Player
(ZDNet Equip, 2000.Jul.27)
"'The IES doesn't simply upconvert standard 640 x 480 graphics to 1080i,' Gildred continued. 'It rasterizes the game to take full advantage of the extra resolution'"

* Interview with Indrema CEO John Gildred
(, 2000.Jul.16)
"What factors inspired and influenced the genesis of Indrema?"

* Update on Indrema's entertainment console
(, 2000.Jul.16)
"ZDNet's GAMESPOT channel has some interesting details about the forthcoming entertainment console from startup Indrema"

* Indrema's Upcoming Linux Console Up Against Stiff Competition
(Prima Games, 2000.Jul.14)
"The company ultimately hopes to take on these competitors, but that's not part of the early strategy. 'Initially, we're not really going head-to-head with the Nintendos and Sonys'"

* Game start-up faces major rivals with Linux console
(C|Net, 2000.Jul.13)
"Indrema ultimately hopes to take on these competitors, but that's not part of the early strategy, Gildred said. "Initially, we're not really going head-to-head with the Nintendos and Sonys," he said."

* In-depth Look at Indrema's Console
(ZDNet GameSpot, 2000.Jul.13)
"ZD Net affiliate,, recently posted an in-depth article on the Indrema Entertainment System."

* Interview With Indrema
(Chick's Hardware, 2000.Jul.11)
"This Entertainment system has the ability to play with the big boys. Linux is becoming more and more popular every day, and this console won't disappoint the linux user or gamer"

* Indrema Honcho John Gildred Interview
(, 2000.Jul.09)
"[possibly down]"

* I Dream of Indrema
(, 2000.Jul.06)
"With four industry giants facing off in the roped-off, four-corner ring we call the game industry, an unknown, masked combatant is running full sprint into the fray. He is prepared to swing a steel chair at any of the four muscle-bound behemoths standing in the ring."

* Linux game console in works
(Tom's Hardware, 2000.Jul.08)
"Their console will reportedly have the ability to access the Internet through built-in 10/100 megabit Ethernet interface or dialup connection, and games will be loadable from its DVD drive or from the Web."

* Indrema: a Linux based high-end game console -- and more
(ZDNet LinuxDevices, 2000.Jul.06)
"'This is not your normal consumer electronics company,' I thought. Indrema clearly seemed to have wrapped itself around Linux -- in a big way"

June 2000

* Glimpse of Indrema
(neoseeker, 2000.Jun.28)
"The L600 Console from Indrema is shaping up to take on the X-Box and PlayStation 2"

* Indrema L600: A Well-Rounded Preview
(Well Rounded Entertainment, 2000.Jun.28)
"Indrema's the dark horse - and the wild card - in the battle of the next generation consoles"

* Indrema Enters Console Fray
(neoseeker, 2000.Jun.16)
"If Internet by thy game, it will suffice thee at lightning speed quicker than the eye"

* Update on Indrema's Entertainment Console
(GameSpot, 2000.Jun.15)
"The Indrema L600 Entertainment System is essentially a stripped-down PC, geared specifically towards gaming and entertainment functions. The system is both scaleable and open, and runs on the Linux operation environment"

* Linux Gaming with the Indrema Console
(GameSpy, 2000.Jun)
"The remarkable part of what Indrema is doing is that they are using Linux as the base for the system."

May 2000

* Interview: John Gildred
(GamesFirst, 2000.May.18)
"We got a chance to sit down with John Gildred, Founder and CEO of Indrema, at E3 to get the skinny on the new system"

* Indrema ... The LinuX-Box?
( - Hardware, 2000.May.15)
"The L600 seems to have some expansion capabilities, like a video graphics daughter-card."

* Indrema's Next-gen Linux Console - the Fifth Horseman?
(PricewaterhouseCoopers: Entertainment & Media Direct, 2000.May.15)
"Topping an impressive list of features for the console are: a 'swappable' Nvidia graphics processing unit (which enables the L600 to support HDTV output); a 600 MHz CPU (Intel or AMD, TBA)"

* Nvidia inside Linux-based console
(Tom's Hardware, 2000.May.11)
"The graphics engine will be built onto a daughterboard, allowing newer, more powerful 3D chips to be added later."

* Nvidia selected for Linux based X-Box rival
(The Register, 2000.May.05)
"Indrema was formed earlier this year, and is apparently hard at work on its L600 Entertainment System, a slim-line vertical... Linux-based games console-cum-Net access device-cum-MP3 player."

April 2000

* Linux on the Boob Tube
(LinuxGram, 2000.Apr.03)
"Gildred says that he first came up with the idea for the Linux-based widgets that Indrema has planned almost five years ago, but back then "the time wasn't right. The technology wasn't available.""

March 2000

* Indrema Will Bring Linux to TV
(HDTV Buyer, 2000.Mar.29)
"The new system will offer an impressive list of features: the new Gecko web browser, next generation 3D game performance, MP3 storage and playback, personal TV, HDTV support, and Internet Video Channels which integrates with the Personal TV system for near DVD quality electronic video distribution over the Internet"

* Interview with Yana Kushner about the Indrema L600 Entertainment System
(InfoGuia Juegos, 2000.Mar.26)
"And their hardware make us to think that the Indrema is more near to a PC that the XBox"

* Indrema Will Bring Linux to TV
(TechMall, 2000.Mar.24)
"The Linux movement has taken a leap forward today with the announcement of Indrema, a new consumer electronics company specializing in open source digital products for home entertainment"

* Indrema to bring Linux and OpenGL to TV
(, 2000.Mar.21)
"Indrema is will use Linux, enhanced by a set of open source multimedia standards"

* Indrema's LinuX-box
(FiringSquad News, 2000.Mar.20)
"Part of the weekend buzz surrounded a company called Indrema, and more importantly their product, the L600 Entertainment System."

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* Emulation Zone
(2000.Mar.19, [C]heck out the hard drive option, mp3 playback system and Ethernet port. Another system that will let you play emulators? Looks promising.)

Date Unknown

* Indrema Entertainment System
(RIVA 3D, 200?.???.??)
"Looking at the general specifications suggests some innovative ideas and features that I think have some truly fantastic potential"

* A Conversation with John Gildred - New York company hopes to break into console market
(Gamesmania, 200?.???.??)
""We discovered that for the next generation console market to open up, someone had to make a tool for guys like John Carmack who are in their garages making a game like Quake, who have talent but no money, to get out into the public", he said."

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