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Official Indrema Sites:

Sites created and maintained by Indrema themselves.

* Indrema
The main site. Includes consumer information.

* Indrema Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
All about Indrema (the company, and the product)

* Indrema Developers Network (IDN)
The main developers site.

* Under The Hood
Technical specifications of the Indrema system.

* IDN Online Chats
An archive of past Indrema IRC chats.

The free software development kit for creating Indrema software.

* IDN GameXchange
Where free software for the Indrema can be developed.

* GameXchange FAQ
All about IDN's GameXchange

Indrema Sections at Game Sites:

Game sites' dedicated Indrema sections.

* Indrema... an Xbox Killer?
A C|Net message board.

*'s Indrema Section
A 'DevGroup' with message forums.

* Indrema Entertainment System Discussion
A discussion forum at

* Gamesmania: Alternative Gaming Platforms Section
Dedicated to Linux, Palm, Indrema, and so on...

* iONgames: Indrema Section
News and forums

* How Indrema Game Consoles Will Work

Indrema Fan Sites

Sites created by fans of Indrema.

* Bill Kendrick's Indrema Site
You're looking at it! Dedicated to archiving news, links and other important Indrema info.

* #indrema IRC Channel
An unofficial IRC channel dedicated to the Indrema, but which hosts weekly chats with the folks from Indrema.

* Indrema Pro
Ryan Getgen's site with news.

* IndremaWorld
News and articles.

* Indrema Zone
Phillip O'Riley's fan site

* Programming The Indrema
Ryan Wahle's site dedicated to creating Indrema software.

Linux and Linux Gaming Sites

Sites relating to gaming under Linux, in general.

* CollabNet
Focuses on helping companies automate their complex software development processes with Web-based collaborative development solutions.

* Games Section
News, articles and resources.

News about Linux games.

* Linux Game Tome
An index of Linux games; with user ratings.


Other sites and articles about Linux or Open Source gaming.

* Playing the Open Source Game
An article by Shawn Hargreaves (July 1999) about open source and game development.

Know of a site I'm missing? Let me know!
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