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Mad Bomber - Reviews

Retro Gamer Magazine #13
Mad Bomber was included in the CDROM that came with
Retro Gamer Magazine, in issue #13.

Retro Magazine #13

Mad Bomber received a staff rating of 8/10 at GameHippo.com in June 2004.

MadBomber is a great clone of Kaboom. ... [The] concept is simple but makes for quite addictive gameplay. But, how well does Mad Bomber handle this concept? Quite well, actually. Controlling your water pails with the mouse is easy... Mad Bomber has, in addition to a single-player mode, two multiplayer modes, and the game is pretty fun to play with a friend. You can either take turns playing against the criminal, or It also has two difficulty settings, which will be annoying to people competing for high scores, but a good thing for others. The gameplay is great, and feels just like a Kaboom clone should. Mad Bomber has two graphical settings, but the game should run well on either. It has multiple tracks of music, so you won't get an annoying song stuck in your head while playing. It also has some great sound. For example, if you catch a bomb on the left side of the screen, the splash will sound different than if you catch it on the right side. Nice touches like these make the game feel very professional. Mad Bomber is a great game, and if you are a fan of Kaboom, by all means download this game. It's not groundbreaking, but it is one of the best clones of Kaboom you'll find on the net.

PC Magazine
PC Magazine

Italian PC Magazine included "Mad Bomber" in their November 2002 issue's CDROM:

The Mad Bomber has left his "ricordini" everywhere in the city. [Catch] them before they explode!!!

Mad Bomber received a
4 Penguin
rating in the Arcade Games category
at LinuxBerg.

Maximum Linux Magazine
[Maximum Linux] Maximum Linux magazine reviewed "Mad Bomber" in their Aug/Sep 2000 issue's "X-Games" article:

"We have fond memories of Kaboom!. The updated graphics are nice... Nothing can compared to the feel of the original Kaboom!, but this remake comes as close as possible."

Mad Bomber was reviewed by The LockerGnome:

"Atari was here on this Earth for a short while; it's been replaced by the N64 and the Playstation. Does that mean the games have gone out of style? Not according to this game programmer. Activision had the best Atari games; remember Kaboom! Here's a PC clone of that great game of yesteryear. A thief dropped bombs while you controlled three buckets of water (to catch them before they hit the ground). Believe me, it's more fun than it sounds. Think fast!"
This review was from the "GnomeCANDY" section of their December 18, 1999 Weekly Digest.

A1 Yippee Shareware
[Rated 3] Mad Bomber (Windows version) received a 3 out of 5 at A1 Yippee.net.

Their review says:

This is a pretty simple arcade game which is probably more for those old Atari 2600 owners than anyone else. It's exactly the same game with bigger and brighter graphics. If you feel like a bit of nostalgia, try this on a rainy afternoon. New comers may also want to have a look for some mouse moving fun.

Linux For Kids
[It's an A!] While Linux for Kids gave an older version of Mad Bomber a B for compilation problems, the game in general got an A for game play!

Freeware And Stuff
"We only list the best programs, and yours is one of them. You can find it listed in [our arcade section]

(I remember playing Kaboom for hours back when I had an Atari!)"

Games 4 Linux
3-out-of-5 starts in the G4L Review:

"Mad Bomber is a nice game for occassional play. Whoever can beat the sixth level can say they have fast reactions!"

User Comments
  • "It's pretty darn fun" - Abamfici

  • "...this is a good example of what happens when you put a top notch graphics/sound library (SDL) with a top notch game programmer (Bill Kendrick) in the same room for any length of time. :-)" - Pete Salzman

  • "Excellent rendition of a classic game." - Craig Maloney

  • "This game is great! ... Only problem is that it gets addicting after a little while." - Luis Molina

  • "Very addictive game." - Nerijus

  • "Atari 2600 fans everywhere should be extremely pleased with Bill Kendrick's Madbomber. ... Even in it's infancy (version 0.1) Madbomber appears to be a very mature game, and still flexible enough to expand and improve. Oh, ya, it's really fun too :)"

  • "Five stars for the effort." -

  • "Wow, this game is awesome, and my trackball works well as a paddle."

  • "Excellent and funny game."

  • "Lots of fun!!!"

  • "Tops!"

  • "Fun - Fun - Fun - Thanks so much to the nice creators!!"

  • "It's great. I used to play the original Kaboom! on the Atari 2600 back in the eighties. This game is very close to the original." - David Heffelfinger

  • "Sent your link to my kids we have had a ball.. Brings back the time when they were small and we all play this game. Do more please!! Thanks for this one"

  • "Pretty good adaptation, obviously made by someone who loved Kaboom!"

  • "...a great game..."

  • "The game is great..." - Adrian Koh

  • "This game deserves its merits...! It's a good clone of 'Kaboom!' Thanks New Breed Software for bringing this classic back for today's Unix/Linux boxes." - Georgie

  • "As usual, Bill Kendrick's game is superb! [The graphics remind] me of the good old days."

  • "I was amazed how well it worked with my track ball. Back in the days if the Atari, it used the paddle controllers. You did a terrific rendition of the game!!!" - Mike Smith

  • "Thanks for the quick response. Downloaded the files and it's working fine and I LOVE IT. It's as good as the old Atari version. I hope to see you remake more of their games. They were the best, in my opinion." - Marilyn

  • "Awesome, I loved kaboom, and my atari has long been dead. This is great. thank you." - Eric Majka

  • "...a very big and sincere 'thank you' for making Mad Bomber available to the Linux world. I spent hours playing the Activision version with a good friend during high school, and this was a great discovery that I can now have again." - James Hiller

  • "As a former Atari Computer user myself, I really enjoy your port of old Atari favorites. My favorite ones are Circus Linux! and Mad Bomber. I used to be a Kaboom! junkie back in the 80's. ... been a former Atari 8-bit enthusiast, moving to a Linux enthusiast as well, I really enjoy your work. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories." - 'Heffel'

  • "I installed ... Mad Bomber on my nephews' computer ... the other week. They love [it]. Great work. I'd recommend these to others with little kids." - Andrew

  • "Circus and Kaboom were among my favorite 2600 games. Your clones are a lot of fun!" - 'ArturoC'

  • "This is a really great game.. One of the five or so that I play on a regular basis when I want to mess around a bit." - 'lightspeed'

  • "That's a pretty sweet chunk of software." - Brian Williams

  • "A great game by the way. I remember playing [Kaboom!] on my Atari 2600 way back when." - Richard Proctor

  • "Thanks for bringing one of my all time favorite games to the PC" - Charlie

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